India needs at least USD 900 billion by 2030 for private climate action, towards net-zero path.

The bulk of this financing needs to go to seeding and scaling new innovations.

We need new finance and innovation structures to grow climate tech startups.

Climake is a growth platform for climate tech startups to access markets and access equity and non-dilutive capital

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The State of Climate Finance in India 2022

We are thrilled to be able to partner with one of India's most successful impact focused investment advisor, Unitus Capital, to publish The State of Climate Finance in India 2022. This report is our second annual stock-taking of India and its climate action priorities.

We review India’s climate action progress, what its future roadmap until 2030 is like, and look at what it means for the world of climate finance, focused around:

  • India's key climate action developments in 2021

  • India's existing climate action commitments; we also define an emission reduction target we feel India needs to achieve

  • 10 Big Ideas and Trends that we feel will drive climate action and stock-take their current progress and future opportunity.

We hope the report is informative and helps you in whatever work you do in pushing the climate action agenda further. We invite readers of this report to reach out to us to connect and engage in mainstream climate finance in India and the region.


USD 30 million

Debt and non-dilutive financing issued through our platform

USD 30 million+

Venture equity raised by startups we have supported through our venture network


Climate tech startups we have supported in accessing financing

Asset Financing

We provide climate tech startups with flexible debt and other non-dilutive financing and also partner with financing institutions to access larger financing amounts

Growth Capital

We support climate tech startups to access appropriate, stage-relevant equity from our network of venture partners: angel networks, family offices, seed funds, and growth funds.



B2B climate tech startups that have accessed long-term customers through us


Value of market access opportunities startups have accessed through our platform


Startups that have received varied venture advisory and support from us

Market Access

We fast track validated innovations to partner companies and climate-focused sales and distribution networks

Market Acceleration

We run programs for organizations looking to adopt climate solutions, to pilot, and work with high-potential startups to meet their needs.

Venture Support

We support startups through long-term strategic advisory, mentorship, and ecosystem connects to build their growth engine


Research Reports

We bring out insights, blueprints, and approaches for improving climate financing and innovation in India, including our annual State of Climate Finance in India

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The Climake newsletter offers quick digests and insights around what is happening in climate finance and trends from a global perspective.

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